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Well, I'm back with more stuff. I'd like to go over sprints and attacks, and how to do them properly while on an indoor studio bike. As I posted once in the past, sprinting is not necessarily having a light tension and pedalling as fast as you possibly can. Like I said before, get on your outdoor bike, put it in a low gear, and pedal real fast. Not going very fast, are you? And, chances are, your legs are just going all over the place and your kness may even start to bother you a little. Here's your true sprint on an indoor cycle:

Heavy tension on your tension knob/lever/whatever you use for tension, pedal at a very high cadence (really fast), and begin to release your tension slightly while pedaling (still fast) back to a moderate tension. Your heavy tension will mock a high gear on a road bike while releasing your tension slightly will mock the fact that you're going faster as the gearing becomes a little easier. Oh, if you can last for more than eight to ten seconds (200 meters) on a TRUE sprint, consider trying out for Beijing in 2008.

Now for attacks...

Attacks are something that we, as cyclists, do when we want to pass someone, setting another rider up for a sprint finish, or try to demoralize opponents while on a climb. Since we can't do any of those in class, we'll mock it the best we can. Tension on your indoor bike should be moderate when starting. Begin to pick your cadence up, crank your tension to heavy, jump out of your saddle (hands ALWAYS forward on the handle bars when out of the saddle), and pedal fast. This, again, should only last for a few seconds. What you decide to do from there (stay out of the saddle, sit back down, etc.) is your choice.

Email me with questions or comments.

Andy MacDonald
Licensed Coach

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