Kauai October Body Conditioning Rep Reebok based

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14654)

I used this workout yesterday and am amazed at how effectively the Rep Reebok form works to exhaust muscles otherwise impervious. I use more reps at times then the program recommends. Remember to hold the muscle contraction between sets, that's what makes this so effective. In general - do 4 sets for lower body and 3 sets for upper.

If you don't have body bars, handweights work fine.

Squats: (bar for support) 3 down 1 up X 8 - 16, 2 down, 2 up X 8, singles X 16, hold at lowest point for 16 counts then repeat for 2 more sets, for the 4th set I did step over the bar and squat - bar is vertical on the floor - big step over facing corner of the room and squat with hands on thighs.

Pullovers: (dumbell) laying on step or floor - long arm pullover with one leg extended at a diagonal next to the bent knee of the other leg, as you pullover reach up to the foot of the long leg - 16 - 24 reps on reach side.

Bicep curls: (dumbell) sitting up in a lean back position, spine is straight, abs engaged - performs bicep curls with the same tempos used on the squats, if the back gets tired sit up straight during the held contraction. 3 sets.

Bent over rows: (Bar) underhand grip, standing, flex forward at the hips, same counts as for squats, hold contraction between sets. 3 sets.

Stationery lunges: (bar for support) front foot on step or floor - same counts as for squats but only 1 set for each leg or until exhausted.

Chest flye: (dumbell) laying on step or floor - same counts as squats: hold arms out to side between sets. Add an ab crunch on the single flyes. 3 sets.

Tricep extension: (bar) - same counts as squats - hold in extension - bar over forehead between sets. 3 sets.

Tricep push up: knees down, hands gripping side of step or narrow on floor - elbows graze ribs as you do these - 16 - 24 reps or to exhaustion.

Abduction/adduction: side lying on floor with tip of bar on instep of working leg - single lifts - do a side lying plank hold in between. Do both sides.

Aloha to my turnstep buddies, thanks to Linda for sharing her notes, Petrina

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