Burn those lower abs!

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14657)

Hi all,

Here is a good lower abs work out:-

Get your class to lie on their backs, hands under lower back for support. Get them to pull in their lower abs, lower back should be flat on floor.

Now it's legs up straight and together, feet 6 inches off the floor.

Throughout the exercise everyone's feet have to stay off the floor - if anyone touches the floor you all start again! Actually you should say if anyone feels pain in the lower back they shouldn't do this.

Now do scissor kicks right over left, left over right. Go for about 50. At the end they don't put their feet on the floor. Instead they hold legs out straight, then pull knees into chest and legs out straight again. Do 50 of these. Then hold legs out and do 50 flutter kicks right foot up then left foot up. At the end hold legs out straight for 8 counts -then both legs up to a 45 degree angle then down to 6 inches off the floor. Do this slow. Do it till they cannot manage more.

They will moan and their abs will burn. But afterwards they will love you for it!


Please email me - I would love to swap tips about classes, routines etc!

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