Step That's Tapless and Advanced

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Here are some new combos. All are 64 counts self-reversing, tap free, horizontal bench, mild crossphrasing where indicated. Assumes a right lead.

Combo I (mild cross phrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Walkaway Joe: start as if to go diagonal on the bench, step off small end, pivot and walk back toward bench. Right up, left up (2) step off small end right, left (2), right foot steps forward on floor (1) pivot (1) walk back toward bench, right, left (2).

** Crab off side of bench: step up, right, left (2), mambo off right side of bench with right foot (1), while lifting the left foot slightly off bench (1) do that again, right left (2), step back with right foot to the floor home (1), step back with left foot to floor home (1)

Combo II

Total 64 counts

* Rocking horse knees only: like a regular rocking horse, but for variety, I do just knees (I suppose you could also try it with just curls, or just hip extenion)

** Spin is a 360 degree pivot or hop turn, where you end up on the opposite side of the bench, facing the same direction you started, so it's tap free. Right up (1), pivot a full 360 degrees (2,3,4) and you end up ready to start with your left foot.

*** Special L-step: I start with a regular L-step, then we take it off the small end, off the back of the step, off the opposite small end and then back home. You change feet every time, so there will be no tap. Then I cut it in half.

I have a couple of more to post but tired so I'll add to this later


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