Step, Tapless, Advanced Continued

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Here is part 2 of previously posted step, advanced tapless

Horizontal step, tap free, mild cross phrasing where indicated, 64 count self-reversing, assumes a right lead.

Combo III (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

*V-hangover: like a regular V-step, but done from the side, one foot on the bench, one foot on the floor. Side approach right on bench (1) left out on floor (1), right foot steps back to floor (1) left foot comes in beside right (1)

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

* 4,3,2,1, combo: I borrowed this from Jacque (thanks so much). It really boosts the cardio. Start with repeater knee 4 in left corner (10), repeater hip 3, in right corner (8), repeater knee 2 in left corner (6), 2 x single hips, right and left (8). Now, add a straddle so that this whole combo goes around the world. The hardest part is to get them to count out, especially with the repeater 4 charleston. I know some will argue that this is not a tap free move. I think from reading the discussion boards were about split on this one. So what I do is add a ball change move to the charleston, so technically I remove the tap. I also show it with the lunge back (which I don't believe is technically a tap).

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