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I teach a kick class and sometimes have a boot camp format. We tried this combination this week, and it was pretty tough but well received by my members.

It starts like this: 2 right jabs (1-4), left knee strike (5,6), right hook (7, 8); then start it left: 2 left jabs, right knee strike, right hook. After repeating these 16 counts about 4-6 times, just use the first 8 counts and add another 8: 2 right jabs, left knee strike, right hook, 2 left front snap kicks, 2 right front snap kicks. If your class is intermediate or advanced, they should then be able to alternate the entire 16 counts, starting with 2 left jabs. This would make the combination a total of 32 counts (16 starting right, 16 starting left). I just cue it continuously, so they can follow along. Now, here's the boot camp addition: after the first set of 16 (you just finished 2 right snap kicks), squat down with the hands on the floor, kick the feet back out into a push-up position, then do four sets of mountain climbers (legs move back and forth 8 times), then return to the low squat position, and stand upright.

I would not then start with the two left jabs, but just keep it starting with the two right jabs again. After about 4-6 reps of the 32 counts, I'd cue it during the mountain climbers to start the 32 counts with 2 left jabs.

The modification for the mountain climbers is just holding the plank position or stepping the feet forward then back (2 sets). That way there's not high impact with both feet off the floor as they climb in the full mountain climbing version.

Here it is:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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