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Thought I'd better add my contribution as I've used so many ideas from this site so now it's my turn to give back. I teach at a beachside town in Eastern Australia. The class lasts for 90 minutes, we do box aerobics, punching focus mitts and bags, and sculpting and strengthening for legs, glutes and abs. In summer we take the focus pads down the beach and finish off in the surf! Anyway enough yakking - let's get on with it.

Start with right foot forward stance.

Do this for a while then add:

Once the've got that change the knee strikes to 2 knees and one round kick. (For beginners do a bob and weave instead of the round kick) Now teach the 2nd half:

Once they have learnt both parts put it all together by adding a turn to face the right side wall when executing the round kick (so it's really only half a kick) then go straight into the side kicks and shuffle facing the right wall. For beginners change direction by bobbing and stepping around to face the right. You should end up on the left lead after the shuffle. If it sounds complicated it's not really. It's easy to teach and heaps of fun!

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From: Evans Head NSW (Australia)
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