Sunday Morning (Advanced, Tap free)

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Hi all

Step: horizontal
Level: advanced
Type: tap free
Counts: 64 total, self-reversing
Crossphrasing: where indicated
Assumes a right lead

Combo I

Total 64 counts

* Diagonal straddle, instead of going diagonal and exiting the bench, you simply straddle instead.

** Walk the bench, simply step up and walk over the bench, so that the bench ends up behind you.

*** Spin is a full pivot that turns completely 360 degrees. Right foot on bench, as you pivot you come completely around so that your left foot would be the next lead foot. Usually I break this up with a mambo on the floor.

**** Chugs, are simply stomps on the bench, so 2 stomps push off and over.

Combo II

Total 64 counts

Combo III (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Reverse turn straddle, like doing a regular turn step, but backwards. Step up right foot in left corner, start to turn with you back to the step, step up left foot in right corner, you should now be facing the back wall. Step down right foot on home or south side of step, step down straddle, left foot to north or away side of bench.

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

* 1/2 L with pendulum, start as normal 1/2, squat off side of bench pendulum swing on top of bench, exit to floor

** Skate the bench, 3 alter. curls on top of bench, exit to floor natural lead change.

*** Revolving door, step up right foot on bench, left foot on bench right foot to floor on opposite side of bench, begin turning your body, left foot on floor beside right, so that you end up on opposite side of bench, but ready to lead with right foot again (also known as a tap free over the top).

Well that's it for now, enjoy.

Do email with questions or comments (when you email, please use something from the choreography in the subject line. I get lots of emails from people who simply write hi, or thank you. Generally I do not open these, since I am afraid of viruses.).


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