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Thanks for all your great ideas, time to submit one of my own. I've kept the combinations simple so in the end the variation will not be too hard for the participants.

First I'll describe the combinations, after that I'll describe how you can giva a little variation on the whole. The variation is optional. Without it this is just a (very easy) normal pattern.

Combo I:

Combo II:

Combo III:

You can teach the pattern above just like a normal pattern. But to add a little variation place two steps (step1 and step2) in a vertical position. The two steps must be parallel (next to each other with the long side), one for each participant. The two participants (p1 and p2) while standing behind their steps (on the long side) are facing each other. Schematically you get something like this:

front side of the room

p1 step1 step2 p2

back side of the room

Participant p1 is facing towards the east of the room, p2 is facing towards the west side of the room. I hope this is clear now. Now replace all the 4-8 moves with the switch pattern given below. This pattern changes lead, but moreover it brings participant p1 to step2 and vice versa. The switch pattern is:

SWITCH: "grapevine-chachacha and march"

Use the chachacha and the marches to switch from one step to the other step by walking around it. Now p1 will be on p2's former start position and vice versa. Note that p1 always switches on the back side of the room and p1 always switches on the front side of the room. (Assuming you have started with right lead.)

Have fun!
Helen Schonenberg

(For all the explanations I've assumed right lead.)


* Swim-up: This is just like a basic, but instead of walking the step, jog it. [Arms: swim movement=breast stroke]

** Open wide: Just like a V-step, but walk sideways on the floor instead of forward on the step (out, out, in, in). [Arms: (1) both sideways, (2) both up in the air, (3) both in front lift position (4) both down]


* Soccer kicks: Almost like regular alternating kicks. (1) up right AND knee lift left, (2) kick left, (3,4) down left, down right

** 2-Repeater kick and twist: A repeater only two repeats and the third one replaced by a twist. (1) up right (2) first kick left (3) down left (4) last kick left (5) down left (6) down R (7) twist (8) twist


* V-swing-knee: Almost like doing a normal V-step followed by a single knee, but don't leave the step after the V, instead: shake it to the right and then to the left... funky! (1) wide up right, (2) wide up left, (3) swing right, (4) swing left, (5) in right, (6) knee lift left (7) exit left (8) exit right

** X-step-knee: A normal X-step with on count 4 and 8 a knee lift.

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