5x32 count self-reversing Intermediate FUN

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14568)

I really enjoyed teaching this, easy moves, put together with some flare for a really fun but doable workout.

Combo A

* I made the step-touches into a hip-hoppy slide move, on diagonal from bench

** Jump up onto center of bench with knee up, arms straight out front, and crossed at the wrists, I made class yell "Bam!"

*** Turn the basic into to 2 power knees (knee knee down down), with the same arms as above, punching out for each knee, I made class yell "Bam Bam!"

Combo B

* First touch to the side of bench, second touch to the back, down down behind the bench "home"

** Arms: first basic - arms up to pec dec start, open, close, arms down. Second basic - arms reach straight up above head, lat pull down to side, arms up to ceiling, pull straight down front. I taught the arms in the warm-up.

*** Can be 2 hop turns with straight leg, or to make it tapless, step step out of it. It gets spinny, but fun.

Combo C

* On right lead: up right (1), kick left leg front (2), down left (3), kick right leg to the side (front of room) (4), up right (5), kick left leg front (6), down (7) down (8)

Combo D

* T-step on small end: up up straddle straddle up up down down on short end. Spice it up with a pop knee: up, up, straddle, straddle, jump both feet up (clap), lift lead knee (punch), down, down

Combo E

*Crab (tapless) right lead, 8 count move ending on top of bench: up right (1), up left (2), step right foot to side of bench, its far, but doable (3), left steps on bench (4), right steps on bench (5), left steps to left side of bench (6), right steps on bench (7), left steps on bench (8) Note: Make sure you say "CRAB" clearly or rename it, my class once thought I said "everybody crap", lol.

** Touch down up down step - the up can be made into a strong knee, and the step can be made into a plyometric lead switch

*** Repeater off, starting from top of bench - same as a normal repeater, just start with a touch back, still 3 knees up, it works, try it!

**** Up, knee, step town, heel on bench and look to back of room (arm on head like you have a headache, up, knee, down, down

I hope you like it and can use it! I had one of those classes that just rocked with this. Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!


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