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This is a great exercise for working the left and right sides of the rectus abdominus individually. It's also quick - because the moves are performed through a shortened range of motion fatigue is felt quicker, so you can blitz the abs in under 5 minutes.

Lie on back. Right leg bent with foot on floor. Left is leg lifted, bent at the knee and directly over left hip. Make sure participants keep the leg bent during the first part of the movement detailed below.

Both hands to side of head, chin up etc. Lift head and shoulders off floor in a 2 count lift (up, up, down, down). A completed lift takes 4 counts. Repeat 16 times. Exhale on the lift etc.

Hold the last lift at midway point. Now instruct class to straighten their left leg, keeping it raised. Depending on flexibility, aim to keep leg in line with hip on left side. The right hand now lightly supports the back of the head, while the left hand is rested on the left knee/shin area of the straight leg. The hold just takes a few seconds; encourage normal breathing here.

Keep the torso raised. Instruct class to lift an inch from this position and hold again. The shoulder blades should be nearly off the floor here. Cue class to draw the abs down through the belly button. Keep this tight position. Takes around 5 seconds.

Now from this elevated position perform single lifts, reaching the left hand further along the shin in the direction of the left foot on each lift. Do 16 single count lifts (up, down). Lift takes 2 counts. Hold up on the last and finish with 8 tiny pulses..*Ouch*..

Relax back down and repeat the whole set on the other side with the right leg lifted etc.

Encourage class to do all the lifts centrally and not gravitate towards the working side. Lifts should be from under the ribcage. If done correctly the work should be felt on the side of the lifted leg. In fact when you start the moves on the other side, the side you've just done should feel sore!

As this is tough, remember to give options for your participants.

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