3-64 count advanced step patterns

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14580)

These combinations are adapted from a Cathe Fraedrich program off of FitTV. So some of it's hers and some of it's mine. Everything is tapless and self-reversing. Explanations included below individual combinations:)

Combo 1

* Up and rock back - mambo off = step up wide right, left (1,2) right foot exits to floor crossing behind left (3) shift weight back to left (4) (think second half of a mambo) right foot back on step (5) left foot exits to floor crossing behind right (6) right foot exits behind left (7) shift weight back to left (8) sounds complicated, but think of a V-step intermingled with mambos

* Stomp mambo = stomp (1,2) right moves to floor in front of step, rock right left (3,4) stomp step (5,6) right moves to floor behind step, rock right left (7,8) think mambo on the floor with stomps inserted

Combo 2

* L-shuffle = step right left knee to the side (1,2) pony left/right/left (3&4), step knee exit back (5,6,7,8)

* Side to side = step left on the bench (1) mambo of the side of the bench (2,3) switch to right foot on the bench (hop) (4) mambo of the side with the left (5,6) exit back left, right (7,8)

* Tap in and out, walk back, mambo, leap, up and back = start with double knee (1-4) walk back (5,6) mambo (7,8) leap (or step hop) (1,2) double knee and exit (3-8) then transition to a double repeater tapping the foot in front (inner thigh lift) and tapping the foot behind (1-4) walk back (5,6) mambo (7,8) leap (1,2) up and back = lift the right knee (3,4) tap down in fron of the step with the body turned to the back (5) lift the knee again (6) exit behind the step (7,8) this requires propulsion

Combo 3

* Ricochet straddle down = start with three knee repeater, then change to: when tapping down turn during the knee part to tap in the front of the bench, in the back of the bench, and the front of the bench and straddle down

* Double kick lunge 3x and exit = double kick (1-4) then straight into your first lunge side to side 3x and exit to the back of the bench

* Double knee exit side side kick, 360, knee exit back = start with double knee exit side, side kick, four knee repeater exit back then change to: double knee exit side, side kick (1-6) step right foot on bench (7) hop turn long to face back (8) tap left foot down on opposite side of the becnh (1) shift weight back to right foot (2) long hop turn (3) tap left foot down to side (4) step knee exit back (5-8)

* Pony up, run back, over = triplet or cha cha or pony on the step, then off the step over the bench

Hope it wasn't too confusing. Feel free to email with any questions. Have fun.

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