Coupla Combos

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Beginning right lead, self-reversing.

Repeat left

Half pivot center mambo on the floor: right foot steps to the center of the bench as your body begins to turn into a pivot. Instead of turning completely around right foot mambos on the floor and then immediately comes back to the bench for a V-step.

Squat hop hop squat: squat right foot on the bench, left foot on the floor. As you come out of the squat lift the left knee as you rotate the body inside. Hop on the left foot two times and then exit on the back side with a squat.

Reverse double knee repeater: a regular repeater can be done here if needed. As you begin the repeater turn the body inside and do two knee lifts on the back side and then hop back home. Sort of like a reverse hop turn over, without exiting the bench do two repeater knees, then hop turn forward to exit off the front.

V-shuffle: I believe this move is called several different things. Very simple though...V-step of the short end shuffle on the floor to the opposite end.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. It is so hard to put into words what you do on the bench!! I hope it makes sense!

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