Simple but Sweaty Inline

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This class has simple steps so it's good for beginners and your intermediates can really pick up the pace by doing more advanced moves, sprinting fast to the beginning, and using those arms. The footwork is simple but it's a good workout. You will need a long room.

Line the benches up vertical to the front of the room and 4 steps between each. They must be in a perfectly straight line. I usually have one line with low steps and one with higher steps. I encourage the class to move between the two lines if they get tired or want to step it up. At the end of the line the person will sprint back to the beginning and join back in. A person can sprint or they may choose to walk fast or skip back to the start.

          X      X      X      X      X      X      X      X
start     X      X      X      X      X      X      X      X
-->       X      X      X      X      X      X      X      X   etc...
          X      X      X      X      X      X      X      X       ]
                                                      < - - - finish

Each combo is 16 steps with the first 12 being a combo and the last 4 moving to the next bench. After each 12 counts you will be facing the other direction and on the back side of the bench. Then you go over to the next bench. The class will be facing front, then back, then front, then back like a corus line. It's simple, fast, and fun.

To begin each person has a bench and is facing the same direction (from the front of the line to the end), stepping in the middle of their bench.

Combo 1

Now you are facing the other direction - repeat on left.

Combo 2

Now you are facing the other direction - repeat on left.

Combo 3

Now you are facing the other direction - repeat on left.

Combo 4

Combo 5

Then there is a chorus to get the heart rate pumping.
Step right up - left up - right lunge - left lunge - switch benches (8)
This moves down the line fast and then there is the sprint back to the beginning. The arms should be pumping.

I usually do each combo about 12 times then teach the next. Then I will do 8 of each going right into the next. Then 4 of each, then 2 of each. Then the courus and then the whole process in the other direction beginning with 8 of each. I do this for 40 minutes and then class goes by so fast.

* Half hop (4): step right and leading with the left shoulder hop over the bench landing on the left foot on the other side.

* Indecision (8): facing the front of the class and standing so that the right shoulder is next to the bench. Step up right, left (2), straddle right, left (2), step up right, left (2), exit right and tap (2). A move advanced option: step up right, left (2), straddle right, left (2), hop with both feet onto the bench and kick right (2), exit right and tap (2).

Email me with any questions. Stacey

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