Sonia's Strength & Endurance V (Complete Class)

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Equipment: step, dynaband, heavy weights, optional light weights, optional tube with handles, and optional stability ball. NOTE: If you don't have dynabands you can purchase large, sturdy rubber bands from an office supply store and loop two of them together.

Strength: Place the step on its narrow end on your left side to assist with balance or stand against with the left side to a wall or chair. Place a tied dynaband around your ankles or insteps.
8x: right adductor lifts...turn the instep of foot/inner thigh towards ceiling and lift up 4/release 4, bringing the right across the left - right knee is slightly bent. Foot remains off floor throughout - toes may touch down.
16x: right adductor with a 2 up/2 down count, smaller range of motion.
Repeat all with the left leg.

Endurance: Seated on the floor leaning back on the forearms - no slouching! Left foot flat on floor with the knee bent; right knee is bent but open to the side. The count is 2 up/2 down on all of this.
8x: lift inner thigh toward ceiling with bent knee.
8x: place hands on floor behind you, repeat inner thigh lift
8x: clasp hands around the left knee and repeat inner thigh lift
Repeat series with the left leg.

Strength: Lying on your left side with a dynaband around your ankles and an optional light or heavy weight resting on the upper thigh (if you have no bands just use the heavy weight on the upper thigh).
8x: single abductor lifts, 4 counts up, 4 counts down
16x: single abductor lifts, smaller range of motion, 2 counts up, 2 counts down

Endurance: Come to a standing position. No weights or bands.
32x: Alternate abductors lifts

Strength: With a long dynaband or tube with handles under both feet; place hands near chest or shoulders (if you have no long bands or tubes just hold weights at the shoulders or down to the sides).
1,2) lift up on toes
3,4) release
5,6) squat
7,8) stand up

Endurance: Standing position. No weights, tubes or bands on first part.
32x: heel raises 2/2 count (lift up on toes)
16x: with optional band around the ankles,
1,2) lift the right knee
3,4) extend the leg forward
5,6) bend the leg back to 90
7,8) release
Repeat with left 16x. May repeat the heel raises too.

NOTE: On the next sets the strength moves for the hams and glutes will be done together and then the endurance for the hams and glutes will follow.

Strength: With heavy weights at sides:
8x: good mornings - as you bend forward from the hips with a flat back, allow the weights to extend towards the floor. Do these slowly. Suggested counts:
1-8) forward from hips until a tug is felt in the hamstrings, weights are hanging down
9-24) hold position
25-32) return to start
OR- take it down for 8, hold for 8, return to start for 8, and rest for 8.

Strength: Using a dynaband tied in a circle; place the left foot on the step with the band around the ankle; place the toes of the right foot on the floor with the band around the instep.
8x: rear leg extension 4/4 count.
16x: rear leg extension 2/2 count.
Switch foot positions and repeat with right foot on the step and left toes on the floor.

Endurance: Go to all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, body steady, no weights, no bands. Note: if you have stability balls you may kneel over a ball to do this...either in the all fours position or prone and up on the toes.
16x: keeping the right knee bent at 90 degrees lift the right leg to hip height with the foot flexed lightly - lift the knee no higher than hip height
16x: repeat on the left
May repeat sequence again depending on class level.

Endurance: Still on all fours or over a stability ball as above.
16x: straighten right leg with toes resting on floor. Lift leg to hip height.
16x: repeat on the left.

Strength: Lying supine on the mat with heavy weights.
16x: chest flyes, 4/4 count.

Endurance: Come to a sitting position on the mat - legs wherever they are comfortable. Drape the untied dynabands across your hands which are palms up in front of the chest. Elbows are slightly bent. Maintain this arm postion as you open and close. How much of the dynaband hangs out of your hands will determine the resistance - which should be light.
16x-32x: grasping the band pull it open to the sides maintaining a slightly bent elbow.
May substitute light weights if you have no bands.

Strength: On all fours with heavy weights. Note: if you have stability balls you may kneel over a ball to do this, 4/4 count.
8x: right arm, single row
8x: right arm, reverse fly
8x: right arm, rear delt press
Repeat left

Endurance: Seated on the floor with an untied dynaband held in front of the chest with the palms down, elbows extended to the side walls.
16x-32x: pull the elbows straight back
Note: May use light weights instead of bands. Hold the weights in front of your chest with the ends of the weights together, elbows pointing at side wall. Pull back.

Strength: Kneel on your folded mat with with the left knee up at 90 and left foot flat on the floor. Place one end of a dynaband under the right knee, which you are kneeling on, grab the other end with the right hand, which is also holding a weight.
8x-16x: bicep curl with the right 4/4 count
Lean on the left bent knee with the left arm so that you are leaning slightly forward:
8x-16x: tricep kickback with the right 4/4 count
Repeat on the left

Endurance: Put the weight down and use only the dynaband (or light weight), or nothing at all.
16x-32x: repeat the above sequence with a 2/2 count doing 16/32 biceps and 16/32 triceps before switching to the opposite side.

Strength: Seated on the mat, place the untied dynaband or a tube with handles around your insteps. Extend the legs forward. Holding the ends of the band or handles of the tubes along with a weight in each hand. Elbows near the waist and hands forward, palms up.
8x-16x: Row by pulling the bent elbows straight back, 4/4 count.

Endurance: On all fours, or prone over the stability on all or fours or up on toes.
32x: alternate opposite arm/leg (i.e, right arm/left leg) lifts, 4 counts up 4 counts down.

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