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Here are some interesting step moves, some of which are combination moves, i.e., they do part of a standard move, then go into another move. A common example of a combination move is "turn, straddle, turn, straddle". The first 5 moves are mine (in that I didn't get them from anyone else, although others may have used them as well.) The others are from some of my instructors.

Move descriptions assume a right lead, at the home position on a horizontal bench. The right corner is always the east end of the bench, even if you are facing the back of the room. Similarly, the left corner is always the west end.

Combination moves built on "turn, straddle, turn, straddle". These two moves and variations substitute side lunges for the straddle.

* Turn, side lunges, turn, straddle. Beginning at the east/right end, facing west/left.

Or you could remain facing the back of the room on count 6, and exit right, left on the north/front side of the bench. In this case, counts 5 and 6 become more of a V-step than a turnstep. Another exit option would be to do a weave (leg behind/scissor/ swing, whatever your terminology is) or a 360 hop-turn to the south/home side on counts 6-8.

* An option is to do this move backwards. It then becomes "reverse turn, side lunges, reverse turn, straddle". Beginning facing front or east.

Again, there are exit options. You could exit left, right at home on counts 7, 8. Or more interestingly, you could exit on the north/front side by making counts 5-7 a full (360) reverse turn. And as on the forward move, you could exit with a weave or 360 hop-turn to south/home on counts 6-8.

Some more combination moves:

* Up, lunge, turn, lunge, weave. Beginning at east/right end, facing west/left.

Again, exit options include 360 hop-turn (forward or reverse), or a simple over-the-top. For the over-the-top, it would have to be a half revolving-door to be tapless.

* This move can have a reverse element as well: Beginning at the west/left end, facing west.

Exit options are those in the previous move.

* Hop-turn, lunge, lunge, hop-turn. Beginning facing west/left.

* Tap, tap, cha-cha-cha, This is a simple 4-count move originated (in my experience) by my instructors Michele and Holly. Beginning facing west/left near east/right end.

* Six point turn, straddle, rock on/off, walk, reverse turn. (16-count). This is three moves to make up a 16-count combo. Counts are 7, 5, 4. It was devised by my instructor Rita.

Six point turn, straddle: (7-count).

Rock on/off, walk back (5-count).

Full (360) reverse turn (4-count).

  • You should be near the northeast corner on right lead.
  • 1 - right foot to the east/right end of the bench.
  • 2 - left foot to the west/left end of the bench, in a reverse turn.
  • 3 - right foot to the floor on the front/north side, continuing to turn counterclockwise.
  • 4 - left foot to the floor on the front/north side, continuing to turn counterclockwise, to face east/right.
  • My instructor Michele modified this to be: six-point turn, straddle (7), full reverse turn (4), double stomp (or one of the several variations) and exit (5). I found this variation to be simpler to do.

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