Seated CardioBall fun with Toots

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Last night only one person came to CardioBall class, due to a combination of illness, appointments, and beautiful weather. We decided to make up a combo to present together at our next class. Toots has been coming to class for about a year, and this combo is half hers; thanks Toots!

Use a ball that is large enough that the knee is bent at no less than 90 degrees. Sit in the middle with feet pointed straight ahead (no frog legs).

Music is 124-130 bpms.

Shake it up: Feet stay on the floor and ball moves side to side. Cue ribcage toward hip bone, bending to each side, not leaning forward. Hands are up, palms forward ("I surrender!") and elbow aims toward the floor as the ribcage goes toward the hip bone. This works transverse abdominus and there is no lift involved. Teach it half-time, then up to speed.

Double knee lift: (1) right knee lifts off the floor (2) right foot taps floor (3) right knee lifts off the floor (4) right foot returns to floor. Repeat all moves with left. Teach without a lift, and then add an optional controlled lift (butt does NOT come off the ball!) on counts 1 and 3.

Aloha: (I got this one from Paul-Shaun Edwards, master RAB trainer) Sit on the ball and rotate it in a circle, taking four counts to complete the circle. Feet stay put, in front of ball. Balance challenge, ankles together, no space between the feet. Arms out to the side hula-style or behind your head in a "hello, sailor" attitude.

Take a walk: Sit centered on the ball (1) extend right heel forward (2) return right foot to floor next to left foot. (3) extend left heel forward (4) return left foot to floor next to right foot. Add alternate arms swinging as feet go out. Add a controlled optional lift on counts 1 and 3. Challenge: change forward heel digs to front kicks.

As with any seated CardioBall moves, the real workout is in the breakdown. I caution against doing too many double knees in a row, as form quickly goes into the dumper. Take your time teaching the combo, then run through the final product a couple of times before adding it in with a couple of others.

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