Sonia's Double Flamingo

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Here are three I plan to use tonight. I have a few people that have just joined, so I will start with the basic moves and work into the moves that are posted after the counts (perhaps not all tonight, but we will get to them eventually!!). Horizontal, tapless, two 32 count combos and one 64 count combo, self-reversing. Right/left indicates the beginning lead.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2 (this is one of my OLD stand-bys that I still love!)

Repeat left

Note: if you have turned to face the back you can use either the down/up at tempo or the lunges to face the front again.

Combo 3

Repeat left


1,2) up wide right/left
3,4) jump in on top
5,6) jump out on top
7,8) exit right/left
Options: lower impact/intensity just walk in and out on 3-6; higher impact/intensity double time the jumps (in/out/in/out).

1) left foot steps/stomps at right corner, right foot pulls off the floor slightly
2) right foot steps forward on the floor as left foot pulls off the step
3) right foot to step, left pulls up
4,5) walk on the home side right/left heading for the left corner

***Quick over:
1) right foot to left corner, left pulls up
2) left steps/rocks behind the right either on top or on the floor on the front side, right pulls off the step
3) right steps back on top as left pulls up
4,5) walk on the home side left/right

****Double flamingo
1,2) step up left, knee lift right
3-6) keeping the knee lifted and the foot tucked into the standing leg, turn the knee out/in/out/in
7,8) exit right/left
Repeat with a right lead.

Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions.


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From: Texas (USA)
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