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Hi all, I'm making the big conversion to tapless, so here's a pattern I'm trying with my classes this week. All are 32-count, self-reversing, and, you got it, tapless! Assume horizontal bench, begin first block with right lead (lead switches on each block when pattern is complete).

OH, and if some of this looks familiar ... THANK YOU for your contributions :-)

Explainers (assuming right lead on all)

* Walkaway kick: step on bench with right foot, kick with left leg, step down, turn and walk two steps toward opposite back corner, kick with right leg, two steps back toward bench, ready to step up right again. Counted: Step up right 1, kick left 2, step down left 3, walk right-left 4, 5, kick right 6, walk right-left 7, 8

** U-turn with knee: same as regular U-turn (turnstep-straddle-turnstep), but make it tapless by ending second turn with a knee instead of a tap.

*** Funky repeater: basically, this is just pausing on what would be the second knee of a three-knee repeater. So, do first knee like normal (counts 1, 2), pause with left foot on floor through 3,4, then do second knee on 5-6, exit on 7-8.

**** Split V-step: a direct rip-off from other patterns posted here! This is just a V-step with one foot on the bench and the floor. Obviously, you have to be at the end of the bench to do it. Some people call it a "Hangover V", but I try to avoid mention of hangovers :-)

***** Bruce Lee: also "borrowed" from other posts. Think L-step meets cardioboxing: Step up right, front kick left, step down left, side kick right, step up right, front kick left, exit left-right. When breaking down this move, I start the participants off on a regular L-step, then add the kicks.

ENJOY!! And THANK YOU to all who take the time to share their creativity and expertise by posting here ... email with questions!!

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