Sonia's Connect The Dots Routine XI (Double Step, Strength, Drills, Yoga/Stretches)

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7-Shape Connect The Dots. Two steps set up in an upside down L (7-Shape but the vertical step is straight).

The horizontal step is Home and the vertical step is Away. All the combinations begin at home with a right lead. You will also need a set of weights slightly heavier than the average size a student would use.

As usual the last combo (Dot A) of a move is connected to the first move of the next combo. Each strength move (Dot B) and each drill (Dot C) is connected to that sets combo.

Disclaimer: The Yoga moves used are not intended to make this a Yoga class, but are to be used for stretch and balance purposes. When I use them they may be modified from traditional Yoga.

*Set 1*

Dot A: Combo 1

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

With the left foot on the right end of the step and weights in hands, right arm bent at 90 degrees and lifted to shoulder height in front, left hand resting on hip:
8x, Abduct right leg, open right arm to the side at 90 (chest press) -2/2 count (32)
Standing on top of the step:
16x, Alternate abductors with bent arm lateral lifts - 2/2 count (64)
8x, Repeat first move at opposite end with left leg abducting and left arm doing chest press (32)

Dot C: Drill

8x, 2 Basic runs, 1 L-step (16) (total 128), right lead on home, left lead on away.

*Set 2*

Dot A: Combo 2

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

On the floor: Take the feet wide with the toes pointed out, weight in each hand, palms down on the thighs. 16x,
1,2) Plie down, lift arms to shoulder height in a V-Shape
3,4) Hold the plie, move the arms half-way down
5,6) Hold the plie and lift the arms back up
7,8) Lift out of the plie and lower the arms to start

Dot C: Drill

8x: Rocking horse (64)
8x: Rock 'n' fly:
(1-4) Rocking horse
(5-8) Hopturn over the step and walk down

Note: The rocking horse will be done with a right lead on home and left lead on away. The rock 'n' fly will be done on the home step only. May do all rocking horses with no fly!

*Set 3*

Dot A: Combo 3

Repeat left

Dot B: Strength

8x: With left foot on the right end of the step, extend the right leg forward lifting from the hip & biceps curls with a 2/2 count (32)
Standing on top of the step; lift elbows in preparation for triceps kickbacks.
16x: Alternately lunge/tap back right/left as you do triceps kickbacks (64)
8x: Repeat first move at opposite end with left extension forward and biceps curls (32)
16x: Repeat move on top of the step beginning left

Dot C: Drill

16x, Broken repeater, right lead on home, left lead on away (128)

*Set 4*

Dot A: Connecting The Combinations

Run through the combos 2x on each side. Weave the combos 1x.

Dot B: Connecting The Strength Moves

On the floor with feet wide, toes pointed out; weights in hands down at sides, palms in:

Dot C: Connected Yoga, Stretch, and Balance Drills

Note: Use Yoga inhale/exhale throughout. Hold the poses for 16-30 seconds. The purpose of these is for stretch and balance so they may be held for a briefer time than for a Yoga class. Stay on top of the step unless otherwise indicated. Place your mat on the floor at the left end of the home step, narrow end of mat to narrow end of the step. My sequence is just a suggestion. You may adapt as needed for your class. Long limbed people or those with balance issues may wish to do this all on the floor.

My class really loved this workout! They are particularly enjoying the Yoga moves on the step and they always love 7-Shape step. I hope your classes enjoy this too.

Email any questions, comments, or suggestions. I love to hear from you!


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