Aqua Noodle Game

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 15143)

Here is a fun game I have played with my class:

Have everyone pick a partner. One noodle per team. Each partner holds one end of a noodle and forms an arch. The entire class lines up facing their partners making a tunnel (you need at least 10 people). Okay, so, everyone is treading water...if you have too many people for everyone to stay suspended in the deep end treading, have the poeple in the shallow end run in place, everyone has noodles raides above head. The first team (deepest) will take their one noodle together and swim pushing the noodle in front of them through the tunnel. Tell the other members to raise their noodles high when the swimmers get to their spot in the tunnel (this makes them have to tread harder). First team now is at the end of the lineup. Repeat until all teams have gone through the tunnel and now go the other way.

We have had fun with this drill.
Keep moving.

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