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You will need those little kids balls that you can pick up at the grocery store: already inflated, maybe 8"10" in diameter, easily held in netted laundry bags. Very cheap! I love to do this stuff in deep water, because then they can tread water, which is tougher that trying to remember to jog in shallow.

I like to have enough that each participant can have one at times, though there are lots of things you can do in groups, with less balls. Basic passing strategy: Have the catcher hold their hand high, so it shows they are ready to catch, and allows them to catch the ball as far from their face as possible.


Break the class up into groups or pairs, no more than 5, or they will get bored. Have them tread water or use a flotation device in the deep (they need to keep their legs moving though), or jog on shallow. I prefer flotation belts to riding the noodle, if you have a choice, as there is more freedom of movement for our purposes.

Counting Game. Set a time limit (5-10 minutes). During that time, whichever group gets the highest number of completed passes wins (prize or no). A completed pass means it was caught above the water (dry pass, you water polo buffs). If it is dropped, the counting starts over. Every time it is caught, whomever catches it says the count. Some groups never get past 13, others will get to over 100!

Jungle Ball. A bit chaotic, as the name implies, but great for laughs and high energy! Simply break the class up into two groups, have them face each other (with no one looking into the sun), and give them all of the balls to hit to either side. It helps to clearly define the boundaries, even mark the pool edge with a cone or noodle. Cardio without thinking!

Line Passing. Organize the class into lines (if I have 25 peeps, there are 5x5 lines, looking like a grid, maybe 5'-10' apart.) They have a contest to pass it up and back along the lines. Each person who catches it spins and throws. The end person spins a whole turn in-place, while the people inside the line spin one and a half times in-place, each time they catch, before they pass. the group is doing whatever you wish with their legs.


Passing Drills. All dry passes.
Throw right, catch right.
Throw left, catch left.
After they get that down, have them strt close, then move back a few feet every 10 successful catches.

SINGLES: Everyone has their own ball.

In-place ball handling drills:
Toss it hand to hand, horizontal, then high.
Pop it with wrist, like volleyball.
Throw it up pop it with back of wrist catch it, all same hand.
Throw it up pop with same wrist, catch other hand.

Travelling drills:

In deep, travel sideways (eggbeat, cycle, freestyle kick) using lead hand to scull or pull, rear hand carries the ball high (sinkers hold it lower if face goes under).
With one hand high, they can spin in-place in a circle, two different ways.
Travel forward with eggbeater, scissors, whatever works, hold the ball atchest/surface high, higher than water, then lower than water.

I love to help people out! I know some of our readers are in remote areas, so please feel free to write me! Here's my background: I have been teaching fitness and coaching full time since 1985. I am a Water Fitness Instructor Trainer Certified through the YMCA (they created aqua classes). In Addition to teaching aqua, I coach swimming and water polo, teach martial arts (Kenpo Karate and Tai Chi), as well as teach a wide variety of group ex land classes (yoga, Pilates, Cardio Kick, Ball, Body Sculpting, Body Bar, Hi/low, cycle). I teach at a junior college and health clubs. Best of luck to you all!


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