Power kick and shuffle

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15333)

Front Stance

Repeat a few times on this side...

Then do it on the other side

*Squat and right hop side kick: it is exactly what it sounds like. Squat down normally and, on the way up, hop to the right side and do a side kick with the right leg. Squat down again and do it one more time.

** Shuffle and two jabs (this one is a little more complicated, but once you get it you'll love it!): shuffle to the right side for four counts, turn around facing the back wall and jab with you left hand, then turn half-way to the front (you will be facing the right side of the room with your left arm towards the front of the room) and jab again with the left hand (when you turn you can just pivot on the ball of the right foot or you can hop)- Now do it to the left (shuffle left and jab with the right hand).

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