Jacque's V-Cross Cha-Cha #2

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15337)

This is a variation on a pattern I posted last December. Did it in class last night and it rocked! (Most of my combos are recycled pieces-parts!)

32 counts, reversing, tapfree, horizontal board. No cross-phrasing though -- teaches easily as 4 separate 8 counts. Yet it will challenge your divas as it really moves! And ... even though it's only 32 counts I really got a lot of mileage out of the breakdown. Since the breakdown for the first part uses marches, I put it in the warm-up.


* "V-Cross Cha-cha, walk 2 or spin:
Hangover V off the west end (2)
Cross right foot over in front of left, step out with left (2)
Cha-cha-cha back to home position (2)
Walk or spin 2 counts to the east end of the board (facing west) (2)

I break this down with 4 marches on the floor slightly off center facing front, followed by a small cha-cha slide, 2 marches in place. Then 2 basics toward one end of the board facing front & repeat. Layer in the hangover V without the crossover (I emphasize this is NOT an L-step! LOL -- still have some who want to do an L off the end!).

2nd layer is the crossover and I add 4 alternating corner knees prior to 3rd layer.

3rd layer is to have them walk to face the small end of the board on the 2 marches. So the 2 basics (which will eventually go away) now happen on the small end. First alternating knee exits to face front, finish with the remaining alternating knees. Also give the option of spinning around the end.

Keep the basics on the end with the 4 alternating knees until after blocking and teaching the next part:

** Double stomp, single stomp: facing west on east end -- left foot stomps board (1), right foot travels wide & steps on the floor on N side (2), left foot stomps board (3), march right/left in place behind small end (4,5), right foot crosses over and stomps floor at SE corner (6), march left/right in place at small end turning slightly to almost face front (7,8). Option on the single stomp on the floor: PIVOT! Walk back to the board on counts 7,8.

I break this down as: left foot stomps board twice (without the right foot traveling to the N side) and right foot stomps floor once. Then layer the direction on count 2, and the pivot option on count 6. After repeating this on the end, I'll throw in a couple of basics, then a knee-exit to home position followed with alternating knees. Repeat from top on other end. When they're ready for it, take away the 2 basics following the V-cross cha cha and go right into the double stomp.

*** Then I block and teach the "Change Your Mind":
Change Your Mind = across the board (long) (1,2), only one foot goes down on floor (3), reverse direction and go back across (4,5), exit one foot down (6), finish the exit with a back mambo (7,8).

Best way I've found to teach this is put them in a holding pattern (basics since that's the base foot pattern OR a step-touch facing front works too) -- and demo it. I do sometimes offer a traditional across the top with a tap down 2x's when I have people in class who are more comfortable with traditional moves. To get back to the "top", simply do a knee-exit home and alternating knees. Alternating knees are the base pattern for the last part:

**** Backdoor Knee: this is like a broadway knee except -- it begins from either the east or west end of the board. You do a backward 1/4 hop turn off the step (1,2) then walk 3 on the floor toward the back corner of the room (3,4,5) -- on count 6 do a side-leg abductor with arms V'd overhead while you hopturn back toward the front of the room (6), then walk 2 toward the corner of the board you hopped off of (7,8). This is a 360 degree move -- the second turn just continues the same direction as the first one. Really feels cool.

I break it down the same as a broadway knee from the home position and get them comfy with the backward hop turn (which is optional!). Then insert it in the combo from the small end. BTW ... when turning from the east end (left lead) the turns will be clockwise. From the west end (right lead) they'll both be counter-clockwise.

Feel free to email me with questions!


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