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Have class place a mat beside their bike before getting started. They'll need it about half way through. I just used a regular spinning CD, so I'm just adding routine. Have fun!

Warm up - 5 minutes

ON / OFF drills - each round totals 7 minutes.

Round 1: sprint ON, easy OFF (sounds like an oven cleaner!)

Round 2: Standing climb ON / easy OFF
Same pattern

Recover 2 minutes while you explain the next segment.

2 Minute challenge(s).
(I did 4 rounds of this, but you can break it down or do more. Class has to watch the clock on their own because all will be on a different pace within the 2 minute challenge. I just cued how much time was left after I finished my pushups and got back on my bike. I tried to stay ahead of everybody to not only challenge them, but so that I could watch the clock.)

Round 1: You have 2 minutes to complete the following...

Round 2: Again you have 2 minutes to complete the following...

Round 3: 2 minutes to complete the following....this was tough!

Round 4 : Same as Round 1

Recover 2 minutes

Now have the class partner up in groups of 2. If they are not right next to each other, position them so that they have a mirror shot of each other. One of them will be Group 1, the other Group 2.

Round 1: Totals 2 minutes - 15 seconds intervals

Round 2: Totals 2 minutes - 30 seconds intervals

Round 3: Same as Round 1

Recover and cool down

I always do abs at the end of my class so this is when the mat comes in handy again! Good luck. Email if you need to. Questions, comments and smart ass remarks are always welcome.

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From: Deer Park, Texas (USA)
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