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Here's an hour long class. My clubs' format does not include cardio, as some sculpt classes do. I do use a 10 minute cardio-stretch warm-up, as I would for step or hi-lo. Many of my moves are moving or compound movements, so heart rate does elevate, and sweat happens! Also, I usually use music at 129 bpm, designed for fitness classes, because it keeps everyone moving constantly, and helps me count throughout my explanations. You will need a ball, a band, a bar, 3 sets of dumbbells, a bench with 3 risers (not for step, use as flat bench for weights), and of course, a mat. Set bench on mat, if mat is not a fluffy slider. Try to make sure the students are in rows, so there is a clear pathway between for later sets (plus, it's safer!). Set ball on a riser so it doesn't roll. You will put the bench away before mat is used, and that will save space in a busy class.

Body bar (could use dumbbells, if no bar)

Stand feet shoulder width apart.
Hands on bar, shoulder width apart, palms down.

Feet move wider for squats, toes forward for balance with weights.
Set body bar across shoulders, palms wide and forward. Work medial delts.

Feet move shoulder width apart. Bar behind back, knuckles on back of body, elbows straight.

Body bar vertical in front of you, tip on ground hands on top end, feet together.

Step wider, toes forward, still holding bar.

Stay low

Turn out feet to plie (focuses on inner thigh, glutes)

Raise right heel high, stay centered with body bar

Change heels

Heels down

Bar down, grab medium dumbbells #3-#5, place handy to end of bench. Sit on end of bench, legs together in front of you. Use lighter weight. Lay over legs, look at floor, weights under legs palms facing each other. Raise arms till parallel to shoulders, straight out from shoulders.

Lay on bench, heels and head on bench to flatten low back. Open arms wide, elbows bent

Keep hands near clavicles, palms down, raise elbows untill they point at your hips. Keeping upper arm in place, bring dumbbells to your knees. Then raise straightened arms up to sky, back to knees, fold at elbows, bringing hands back to chest. Don't let upper arms point to floor during mvmt. This works triceps.

Hands to hips, sit up, lose one dumbbell, lay back down. Raise right hand with dumbbell to sky, left hand at inner elbow to support. Right dumbbell to left ear.

Get up, put away bench and risers. Keep bar for later.
This next 3 bits are all of a piece, so don't break the flow to chat. Grab #3 or #5 dumbbells. Laugh if the guys use #10's. Teach proper form for a lunge, focus on knee. Stand feet together.

Hands down. Next bit aerobics class style to beat

Next bit:

Turn into shallow lunges

Last bit:

Combine the above
Tight lunge together, left lunge together, right squat, together, left squat, together. With arm raises, of course.

Put away all dumbbells, get a drink, grab a band, go to one side of the room and tie band around ankles, feet shoulder width apart, no further. Tie in bow so they don't trip, keep band flat or it hurts.

Walking lunges across aisles. Great for glutes and upper thighs.

Grab ball, need 5' in front of a body to roll.

Walk forward on hands till ball is at knees.


Mat time! Use 8 counts for held positions.
Set hips on edge of the end of the mat, ball under heels, hands palm down on floor by hips, lay on back.

Raise one leg.

Both legs on ball, curl both heels in. Place sole of foot on ball, hips still high.

Stay curled in, hips up, raise a leg to sky, ankle flexed.

Ball down, legs on ball, resting.

Ball between feet and knees, raise feet off floor.

Lose the ball, grab body bar.

Oblique curls. On back legs wide, knees bent, bar held shoulder width apart, palms down (reverse grip). Bar is held near shoulders. As you raise a shoulder, extend that arm, keeping other arm close to shoulder. This adds weight to the curl.

Cool down. Your own!

Ettiquette tip:
In an equipment intense class, end 5 minutes early so they can put away and clear out, that way the next class will start on time. Studies show, the number one complaint is classes not starting AND ending on time! That is a more frequent complaint than having a bad teacher.

If you have questions, I love to help! I have experience in a wide variety of classes, and like you, try to keep learning from my peers!

Renee Neal

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