Intermediate Double L

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 15343)

Well, this is what I planned on teaching last night, but we had more people than steps so we had to do the pattern as a single step pattern instead. But I still want to try it as a double someday...

Steps are in an upside-down L or 7 shape. Step 1 is your horizontal step (in front of you), and Step 2 is your vertical step (to your right). The corners of the steps should touch each other.

Each part is 64 counts, tapless, and self-reversing. Assume right lead at the beginning of each part. Total counts for each move listed in parentheses. Anything with a * is explained at the end of all three parts. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


V-step in the middle = literally use both steps for your up-up portion of the V. If you start with a right lead, it would up right on step 2, up left on step 1, down right, down left.

Karate knee = up knee (1-2), walk walk walk 3 steps backward away from the step (3-5), kick with your lead leg (6), then walk walk back to the step (7-8). The second karate knee adds a hop turn to the first knee, so you end up doing the exact same move but on the front side of the step instead of behind it.

Rock off the tip = a double stomp, but simply move your non-lead leg to the side of the step on count 2 and stomp the floor there instead of stomping the floor behind the step.

Skate facing side = a normal skate (3 ham curls then exit), only do it facing the side wall and using the step and the floor. With a right lead, it would be up right on step 1 facing west (1), ham curl left (2), left foot down on the floor (still facing west) and ham curl right (3-4), right foot on the step ham curl left (5-6), exit exit and turn to face the other step (7-8).

Triple switch = a repeater knee, but exit off the opposite side of the step. I like to boomerang the 3 knees (knee 1 behind the step, knee 2 in front of the step, knee 3 behind, then exit front).

That's all, folks. Email me with any questions. If you do, reference turnstep or something else obvious in the subject line so I don't think it's spam.


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