More fun with Pinwheel step

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 15358)

Pinwheel step is something that I just recently tried. It is SO much fun and my classes loved it. If you are unfamiliar with it, search for pattern #15054 posted on 3/20/05 by Clara Dixon. I got this idea from her, and she explains it very well (Thanks Clara). The combo below is for use with pinwheel step. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

* Do a normal warm-up

You will begin on your "home" step and work your way around the pinwheel counter clockwise, all on a right lead. The last combo will turn you around so that you will be going around the pinwheel clockwise on a left lead.

(now you are on the next step)

You are now ready to repeat all on the left lead.


*I-over: Like a normal I-step (step up, jack on top, step down, jack on the floor) except step up and jack (count 1-4) then step over to the away side and jack on the floor again (count 5-8)

**Turn-double pump is started like the first two counts of a normal turnstep. Step up on one end right (1) step up on opposite end left (2) tap down to floor below the left foot with your right foot (3) Do two repeater ham curls right (4-6) Exit home right then left (7-8)

--Zig-Zag: Simple three over the tops in a row, moving you from one end of the bench to the other. Add a knee or a ham curl on the end of each to keep it tapless.

***Walk over: Simply step up right then left (1-2) and over to the floor on the away side (3-4)

****Rock the bench: Step wide on top right then left (1-2) step in a little closer to the center right then left (3-4) step all the way to the center, still on top (5-6) exit home right then left (7-8). Run instead of marching these for intensity.

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