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I recently attended a ATRI (Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute) Conference in Palm Springs California. As Water Fitness Instructors we see more participants with physical limitations than any other fitness instructor. ATRI is dedicated to Aquatic Therapy and I recommend experiencing one of their conferences to all aquatic professionals. I learned many aquatic aspects from one on one work to working with special populations in a group setting. One thing that I feel we all need to work on is body awareness. We teach various moves to our classes but do we slow down and teach them what muscles they really should be moving and feeling? One class I attended was AI Chi with Ruth Sova. Thank you Ruth! She broke down the move and had participants really concentrate on the muscle fibers and body positioning.

Recommendations and Tips from Ruth:

Shoulder stabilization:
Imagine the shoulder blades as chicken wings with the concentration on the lower point. Now think of you various joint movements. Adduction, abdution, protraction, retraction, elevation, depression and instruct these small movements with their focus being on the "wing" tip.

Abdominals and pelvis stabilization:
Imagine your lower abs as a clock with 12 being just above the navel and 6 being the pubic bone. Instruct your participants to bring 6 up to 12 for a pelvic tilt. Then 2 can pull across to 8 and 10 to 4. Notice the muscles you use? Now when doing these moves try activating the glutes, now without the glutes. There are so many combinations you can use.

These small, slow movements allow us to really concentrate on mind and body and as we all know body awareness makes each move more effective. The older we get the more we loose connection with body awareness. Let's teach our participants to be aware.

If you have any questions please email me.

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