3 32's #2

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I teach a step circuit class. I warm up a simple 32-count self-reversing, (2 basic, split basic, corner knees, repeater knee) take a short static stretch, then start the first combination. After we get through the breakdown on both sides we do the combination for a few repetitions, then pick up the warm up combination and do them both together. After a few more repetitions, we break and do a lower body set such as lunges or squats using handweights.

We then start the next combination doing just as we did the first one, again picking up the warm up and first combination. So we have three 32-count self-reversing combinations early in the class, so with the odd count it naturally reverses. We do an upper body set, such as bicep curls and upright rows then move on to the third combination.

After they get the third combination we use the first two combinations, and drop the warm up combiantion which adds to variety. Finish up with the dumbells while lying on your back with chest and tricep extensions (or maybe pushups if I am having a bad day, hehe).

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

* The revolving lunge is from Carole Paradise, and is a revolving door with with lunges. I break it down by starting with revolving door, then make them complete their revolve on top, and step off backwards, then one basic, and one split basic.

** The first corner knee goes on the same side as the previous charleston kick, seem natural to change sides but force it or the combo won't reverse.

*** The 1/2 L, across the top, reverse pivot and swing is one of my favorite 16 counts. I break down by starting L-steps corner to corner, then 1/2 L-step, across the top (longways) and two tap-ups, then reverse pivot, and add two straddles, then swing step home. (swing step is a step knee behind) I add a couple of basics to let them catch up if necessary, then repeat.

I add a new 32-count combination weekly and drop out the first one, so the class stays fresh.

Email if questions, hope you can use some or all.

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