Sonia's Got More Abs & Back On The Step

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 15383)

This stuff is taken from Strength & Endurance VII. I especially liked this!

Place a mat on your step. START POSITION: Lay supine with your legs extended straight up from the hips and feet slightly apart. Your hands are extended straight up above the shoulders with the palms facing. Choice of using weights in the hands or no weights. Use the slower (118-124) music. Cue all the core stabilizations.


8x: Start position: bend the knees and elbows to 90 degrees as in 1,2 above:

  • (1-4) slowly move the hands and feet towards the floor keeping a bend in the elbows and knees and engaging the core to keep the torso stabilized. IMPORTANT: Students must stop if they feel their back starting to arch. The degree of movement toward the floor will be determined by their ability to keep the torso stable. Monitor closely. Feet and hands DO NOT touch the floor.
  • (4-8) return to start position of bent elbows/knees
  • 8x: Start position:bend the knees and elbows to 90 degrees as above:

    ADVANCED OPTION: 1-4 as above, hold 5-12, move back to beginning position 13-16. No hold - go right back into pushing the hands feet toward the floor. This is more advanced as it holds the extended position longer and allows no rest at the top.

    8x, still supine on top of the step get rid of the weights and put your feet flat on the floor with the knees bent and the heels close to the step; cradle the head in your left hand; the right arm is extended out to the side just below shoulder height with a soft elbow and the palm up. Crunch up turning your torso left so the right arm comes across toward the left side - aim toward the floor with the right hand (arm will be straight) and the left elbow. They do not have to touch the floor. Use a 4/4 count.

    8x, repeat on the opposite side.

    Note: the oblique moves engage the entire core to keep you in place on the step!

    These moves can also be done lying on a mat; I just like the added stabilization and balance that doing them on the step provides.

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