Sonia's Strength & Endurance VIII: A Balancing Act

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 15385)

Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells, Sprie band or Dyna-band tied in a circle, and a Stability Ball.

One set of dumbbells should be 1 to 2 pounds heavier (HW) than what you would usually use. The other set should be 1 to 2 pounds less (LW) than your average.

Set 1

Supine bridge position on the ball with HW:

Seated on the ball with LW:

Set 2

Note: this will be a smaller range of motion squat as you still need to keep the knee over the ankle.

Note: Use 2 up/2 down count on all.

Set 3

Seated on the ball:

Set 4

Seated on the ball, no weights. Straighten the legs to the front with heels resting on the floor. Lift the left leg (straight out or bent) and lift both arms to the side. Option of keeping fingers lightly on the ball:

Roll to Supine on the ball, no weights:

Note: option of both feet on floor.

Set 5

Seated on the ball:

Triceps hold: no weights. Place your hands on each side of the ball near the top, fingers forward. Walk your feet out slightly. Lift the body off the ball and hold for 32 counts. May repeat the hold or walk the feet out and offer triceps dips instead of the hold. Repeat as desired.

Set 6

Place a Sprie band around the ankle of the left foot and the instep of the right foot. Lie prone over the ball, either kneeling or up on the toes with hands under shoulders.

Keeping the band around the ankles, roll forward over the ball so legs are extended at the hip and hands are under the shoulders. Open the legs slightly so there is a little tension on the band and repeat this sequence 2x:

Set 7

Roll back to knees and pick up heavy weights. You are leaning on the ball with the upper arms resting on the front of the ball:

Get rid of the band and the weights. Come to a side lying position on the ball.

Before switching sides stretch sideways over the ball. Come up resting on the ball and do a right quad stretch.

Move to a split seated position on the ball with the thighs on each side of the ball; the feet are back and you are up on the toes (like riding a horse bare back). There should be a straight line from the hip to the knee to the floor. Do inner thigh squeezes to varying tempos for at least 1 minute.

Switch to the other side (right side against the ball) and repeat the oblique crunches, and the stretches.

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