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This is a strength & conditioning exercise I've adapted for class use. It works the adductors, hamstrings and glutes, and is a good conditioning exercise for squat training. Use music set at a slow step speed less than 128 bpm.

Equipment: one heavy dumbbell per person (minimum 5kg or 12lb), heavier if you have them :)

Stand with legs wide apart (more than shoulder width) toes at a slight 'V' pointing away from the body.

Hold the dumbbell by one end with both hands so it is facing downwards (you are not holding the handle but the end). Arms are straight down in front and weight is anterior to the pubic bone.

Keeping the shoulders back, chest lifted and back straight, bend both knees descending into a wide legged squat lowering the dumbbell towards the floor. Maintain form and do not lean forward. Keeping hold of the dumbbell, straighten the legs and return to the start position, keeping knees soft at the top - that's one rep.

Your aim is to go low enough to touch the end of the dumbbell to the floor, though not many may achieve this. Flexibility, ROM and technique will determine how low you can go. The dumbbell stays vertical throughout the movement and does not move away from the body.

Depending on class level, start with 2 counts down, 2 counts up then vary with 3-1 and 4-4 repeating as necessary. Try 4 counts down, hold and 8 pulses. Emphasise depth of descent throughout as some will shorten their ROM as they tire.

Finish with an isometric hold - descend and hold down there for a phrase (32 counts), encourage participants to squeeze their glutes in this position. Ignore any screaming at this point...

Questions, comments, feedback please email me.

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