Sonia's Wild Cards 14

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Wild Cards are simply drills that I print on 3 x 5 cards. As people come in I let them draw a card. I then choose the drills from the cards they have drawn. The wild card is to be worked at the highest intensity they are capable of (may work anaerobically during this time). The combos are used as recovery time from the drills and should be done at a lower intensity.

This routine is on a vertical step. Combos are 32 counts, self-reversing, and tapless; basic to intermediate level.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Wild Card 1 (on the step)

16x, Over the top with power, no tap; power squat (modify as needed for lower impact) (128)

Combo 2

Repeat left

Wild Card 2 (on the floor)

Ski on the floor for 128 beats (one foot forward and one back; hop to switch positions). For lower intensity just do alternate rear lunges on the floor. Another option: do alternate lunges from the top of the step.

Combo 3

Repeat left

Wild Card 3 (on the step)

16x, Skip over + 1 jumping jack (128)

Combo 4

Add all the combos together and run through several times. Try weaving them.

Wild Card 4

Do each drill for 30 seconds (at 128 bpms half of the above drills is 30 seconds) or just do half of what you did originally for each drill.


After you do the first charleston kick your right leg is lunged back and the left leg is forward.
1,2) Hop to change foot placement - right foot to step, left foot back,
3,4) Hop to change place again - right foot back, left foot forward on the floor.
Note: for those who don't want to ski simply do another charleston kick.

**Skip over + 1 jumping jack:
1-4) Step up right and do 2 knee lifts on top in a skipping motion,
5-8) Step off right and left (no tap); do one jumping jack.

Low impact option:
1-4) Step up slowly right and left
5,6) Step off right and left (no tap)
7,8) Lunge/tap out to the right, step in on the right (lead change).

1&2) Shuffle forward along the step, right foot on, left foot off,
3,4) Walk forward on the floor left and right,
5,6) Pivot 180 degrees to face the back of the room - the turn is towards the step (around the right shoulder),
7,8) Walk to the step left and right.
Repeat this moving towards the back and pivoting to the front.

If you have any questions or comments please email me.


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