A Little Latin/Salsa Step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15529)

Used this in my beginner/intermediate step class.... horizontal bench, self-reversing and tapless. All "**" items are explained below.

Combo 1 (32 counts)

* L-step with triple taps: step up right foot on W corner (1), left knee lifts (2), left foot taps down on the floor in-out-in (or front-back-front) (3-4-5), left knee lifts (6), step down left/right (7-8)

** Mambo chacha walk: mambo right foot on W corner (1-2), turn body and chachacha right-left-right towards back of the room (3&4), mambo left foot on floor (5-6), turn body back to front and chachacha left-right-left back to bench (7&8)

I add a snap fingers on the kicks and an arm raise overhead, crossing wrists on the hams.

Combo 2 (32 counts)

* "Selena" step: step up slow right-left (1-2/3-4), step down and back up quick right-left-right-left (5-6/7-8) - you will end up on top of the step, lunge backwards x3 right-left-right (9-10/11-12/13-14), step down left-right (15-16). Add a triple clap on the lunges down for spice.

** Stomp around the world: stomp right foot W side (1), left foot steps on floor (2), straddle right foot over step (3), stomp left foot on W corner (4), right foot steps on floor (5), turn body towards the left (facing back of room), left foot steps on floor wide (6) - repeat first six steps back home. It's just a syncopated kind of mambo around the world.

Combo 3 (32 counts)

* Glute switch = helicopter. Add the hips into the K-step!

Combo 4 (32 counts)

* Star step: basically 4 mambos on the same foot, turning in a circle. Mambo right foot on W corner, turning body towards left. Continue to mambo three more times, each turning 1/4 turn, to end up facing back front. Add an arm swoop and hips.

** Boot scoot repeater: a soccer kick/arabesque, quasi-ham curl, soccer kick repeater. Like the line dancers do, use your right arm to tap insole front, insole rear, insole front.

Combo 5 (32 counts)

* Knee off the end/grapevine: step right foot W corner (1), left knee lifts (2), step down left on W side of bench (3), cross right foot in back of left (moving backwards) (4), step left foot out wide (5), right ham curl (6), step right foot in towards bench (7), step left foot in (8) - facing front on W side of bench, ready to rock.

** 6-point turn: step up left-right wide facing front (1-2), tap left foot behind right on floor (3), step left foot back wide on step (4), step down right-left, turning body to right (5-6), 1 jack.

Thanks to a previous poster for the "Star Step" and an anonymous donor for the "Selena" name for the triple claps! :) Any questions, just email!

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