Fun...Guaranteed to Love It!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15537)

This routine is advanced, tapless, 32 count combos, and the second and fourth combos are borrowed from Donna Read's step training video. It will kick their butts! Enjoy

Fun-Guaranteed to love it!

Combo 1:

Repeat on left

Combo 2:

Repeat on left

Combo 3:

Repeat on left

Combo 4:

Repeat on left

*Box over: 1/2 revolving door with front foot swing. After first over the top, step up right (1), extend left leg out and swing over the top stepping down on opposite side of bench (2) walk back (without pivoting) two steps to home side of bench (3,4)

** Mambo forward, stomp back: right knee lift off the left edge of bench (1,2) mambo forward left,right (3,4), walk backward left (5), return right foot to bench (6), step back again on left foot (7) and stomp on bench (8) (off edge of bench)

***Glute swing: also called a weave. Over the top with outside leg swinging behind working the glutes. Start on left lead; end on right lead. Pony up: hop on top of the bench touching toe to heel. Option: step touch.

****Extend tic toc forward: 6 count move. Step up on edge of bench left (1), extend right foot out to side (2), swing left,right (3,4) step down in front of the bench (north) right,left (5, 6). Then step backward on opposite edge of bench still facing north right foot to west corner, extend left leg out to side, swing right,left, step down left,right on home side of bench (total of 12 counts for both sides). Cue class to move forward on the first tic toc and backward on the second.

Breakdown: for mambo forward, stomp back: Start with L-step mambo forward off bench and immediately stomp back. Do not mambo back. To get them used to stomping, I exaggerate and do a heel tap while practicing the move so it's 1/2L mambo forward stomp back + heel. After they got that, then forget the heel and go from the stomp with weight shifted to bench to step out left and march right.Now you've switched leads. Mambo left go to the 2 knees on top and exit home. Try on left. Once comfortable with lead changes, then add pivot.

For extend, tic toc: start with an extension repeater, then change to double extension side to side and basic. Bring the double extension to the front and back. Then add the tic toc forward and back.

Email any questions. Have fun!

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