Stomping Intermediate Step Fun

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15556)

(Reverse and go through with left foot lead)

(Reverse and go through with left foot lead)

(Reverse and go through with left foot lead)

* Stomping basic: stomp on bench with right foot 2 xs/step up/up and down/down. In other words, stomp 2 times and do 1 basic right.

** Two-jack turn: 1 jack facing 1 direction/turn and do 1 jack facing opposite direction. In other words, 1 jack/turn 180 degrees/1 jack.

*** Stomping A-step: Facing left corner (west), stomp twice then step over the top in an A-step. To complete three do 1 stomping A-step. Bring the stomping A-step back to start. Stomping A-step over again. Bring fourth stomping A-step back to start, turning to face the right corner (east) on last to steps of move.

To take it to left lead immediately step with left lead and do 4 stomping A-steps, turning to face front on last 2 steps of fourth stomping A-step (You must face forward on last 2 steps or you will not be in position to perform the turnsteps in the next segment.)

**** Diagonal step-hop-turn: step with right foot, facing left corner (west). As you step, hop and turn to face the right side of room (east) and step down/down on the opposite side of bench. (you will begin facing west/stepping right and end on the opposite side of the bench facing east.

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