Long Live Squats.

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15558)

This might not be particularly mind blowing, but it sure causes my participants to moan and groan. Have fun!

Start on top (middle) of your step facing the short end.

Begin doing 4 count squats off the step, alternating right and left. (right foot steps wide on the floor (1) squat down (2) up (3) step back on top of the step (4). Repeat left side) Do enough to get those legs warmed up and to cue proper form..etc.

Next Level:
2 Count squats alternating right/left. Do as many as you like. (step wide into a squat (1), step back up onto step (2). Repeat left)

Next Level:
Pulse 3 count squats, alternating right/left. As many as you would like.

Next Level:
Pulse 7 count squats, alternating right/left.

Next Level:
Pulse 15 count squats, alternating right/left.

Next Level:
Pulse squats right side 32 count (left foot is on the step). Straddle the step and pulse squat 32 count (both feet are on the floor either side of the step in a squat position as you pulse). Pulse squats left side 32 count (right foot in on the step). Straddle step again, pulse 32 count. Right pulse squats again 32 count. Straddle step again, pulse 32 count. Left pulse squats, 32 count.

So it's:


After I do the 32 count pulse routine, I then take them back to pulse 15 alternating right/left. Pulse 7 alternating right/left. Pulse 3 alternating right/left. Single squats right/left. Then you are done!

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