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This is the pattern I began my class with tonight. The base moves are easy, so I can capture the trust of new people -- but it has enough layers to challenge and excite my regulars.

32 counts, tap-free, reversing.

* Optional pivot.

** Change Your Mind = across the top and only put one foot down on the other side, then change direction going back across and finish with a march, march or back-mambo. 8 counts total. 2 regular across the tops could be subsituted.

To break this down I start with very simple moves, layering changes and deleting some of the easy fillers.

  1. 3 Knees repeat, basic 2x's, corner-corner alternating knees 4x's (32)
  2. Layer in a change in the repeater: knee-ball-change-knee.
  3. Layer in a hopturn off the end for the second knee. Do the 2 basics on the end, then one alternating knee on the end, next a knee-exit to home, and 2 corner-corner knees.
  4. Once they have mastered that, demo a back-hopturn-straddle in place of the knee on the end. They have the option of sticking with a knee on the end if they don't like the back-hopturn-straddle! Follow with the knee-exit to home, and 2 alternating knees.
  5. Next I "block" & teach the double stomp, single stomp (optional pivot) FACING FRONT, usually with 2 corner-corner kicks that will be eliminated later on.
  6. Then insert it into the combo after the 2 basics on the end, and before the back-hopturn-straddle. I usually stay on the end for several repetitions of this before returning home because the different orientation of the move will throw a few people. After the knee-exit to home, finish the phrase with as many corner-corner knees as you need. Repeat on the other side.
  7. At this point, I "block" & teach "change your mind" facing front. I teach it on both sides. And warn them that the next time they do it they will be facing the back of the room.
  8. Insert "change your mind" into the combo. At this point, the combo (still with filler) looks like this:
  9. Last, take out all the filler: basics, alternating kicks, etc. for the final version.

Feel free to email me with questions.

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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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