Hoppin' & Clappin'

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Hi, We had so much fun with this routine, I just had to share it. It is an intermediate tapless, 96 count in all, assuming right lead. I might have borrowed some of these moves from this site, if so thanks & THANKS so much to everyone who posts on this site!!

2 Knee mambo*- step left foot on step (1), right knee lift (2), right tap floor (3) and knee lift again (4), coming out of knee lift, moving forward step right foot on step (5) (into mambo), lift left foot and replace (6), lift right and exit to floor, exit left (7,8).

1/2 L-step mambo & Step knee walk around*- step right on step (1), lift left knee (2),left step on floor (just like L-step) (3), step right in front just as you would mambo on the floor (4), lift left and replace (5), right foot steps behind (6), lift left and replace (7). Right foot on step (1), left knee lift (2) and walk forward around east side of step for 7 counts ending up at west corner (3-9).

Knee hop clap*- This is a regular single knee on the corner except you hop up and clap as you hop.

Kicks halfway*-This is a kick, straddle, kick, but as you step up raise your arms above your head then while kicking add a hop on lead leg and bring your hands down to slap your hips. Straddle and repeat.

Sweep Step*-step left on step (1), right steps forward diagonally (away from step) in front of step on floor (2), left steps on floor in front of right (3), lift right and replace (4), left returns to step (5), right returns to floor behind step (home) (6), then left steps back (7), right lifts and replaces (8). To spice it up you can add 2 pivots on steps 3&5.

Ricochet*- step right on step (1), swing left leg to north side of step, tap floor and return to home (2,3), exit right (4). Repeat left lead. Add a single clap as you swing your leg over and a double clap as you swing leg back to home.

Scramble knee*- This is a repeater knee with the second knee lift replaced with a shuffle. Step up right (1), left knee lift (2), left foot taps floor and both feet shuffles right (right foot to north side of step and left foot to step), then shuffle back (left foot to floor and right foot to step) (3-5), left knee lift (6) and exit left, right (7,8).

Your hands and hips will be red, but you will have so much fun, you won't care!! Enjoy, please email with any questions!

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