Lethal Leslie #24

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14908)

As always, tapless, horizontal step, self-reversing. Just three combos and a warm up for now.

Warm Up

Mambo swivel (4) - option is a mambo cha cha - right lead, right foot mambos on the floor, so right foot stomps the floor and left foot lifts at same time (1) this is north west end of the step, left foot to floor not directly behind the right foot but wider & right foot lifts (2), right foot steps behind the left foot still facing the left (3), now swivel and turn to face the right (4)

6 Count mambo, back mambo pivot turn (10) - right lead, regular 6 count mambo, on counts 5 & 6 you are starting to turn to face the back (1-6), right foot stomps the step (your back is to the step) & left foot is lifted slightly (7), left foot to the floor and right foot comes off of the step (8), right foot in front of the left foot and start the pivot turn & left foot lifts (9), left foot back down in place & right foot is up & moving towards the step (10), ready for the repeater 2

Combo 1

Kick & mambo to the back, step hop to front (8) - start with a kick on the step and a mambo cha cha on the floor to the back of the room, then instead of the cha cha cha you do a step hop on the floor - kick front and mambo to the back (1-6), (assuming a right lead) left foot to the floor (7) & hop on the left foot again towards the step (8) right foot is in the air ready for the crossover lunge

Combo 2

Combo 3

L-step (tap tic box cha cha cha) - I think I got this from someone on this site, but I'm not sure. Thanks if I did. Right lead and left corner, right foot up (1), left knee up (2), left foot taps floor (3), left foot to the step & right leg swings out at the same time (4), right foot crosses over the left foot and goes to the floor (5), left foot to the floor beside the right foot (6), cha cha cha/chasse to the right corner of the step (7&8)

Any questions, feel free to email me.

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