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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14909)

Thanks to all of you who take time to post great patterns!! This is my first post (I think). I may have posted a random pattern here and there. . . . Anyway, here's my simple little contribution. Happy stepping!!

Step is in a "regular" horizontal position. Combos are done all right lead, then all left lead. Most of the steps are in the "Turnstep Dictionary," but I've explained the ones that are not. :)

Combo 1:

(Repeat left lead)

Combo 2:

(Repeat left lead)

Combo 3: *Left lead first, then Right lead*

(Repeat right lead)

Combo 4:

(Repeat left lead)

**Split A: like split basic, but with the A-step. Step up right, left, lunge toward the back corner right, left, exit on front of the step (just like you would exit from a regular A-step)

***Cross country ski: same counts as jumping jacks, but feet alternate to scissor front & back instead of laterally out and in

****Curl, squat, curl: one hamstring curl, immediately followed by a wide-stance squat (one foot is still on the step), followed by another hamstring curl. Same counts as a hamstring curl repeater, which is the option I give for someone with knee or back pain in squats.

*****Hopscotch (right lead, facing left side of the room)
Step up right to center of step, left knee comes up as you hop to slightly pivot the foot (1,2)
Tap the left foot down on front side of step, then left knee hop again (3,4)
Tap left foot down on back side of step, then left knee hop again (5,6)
Exit front, left then right (7,8)
It is VERY important to pivot the right foot each time you hop, to keep foot & knee alignment safe.


Feel free to contact me with questions!!

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From: Tennessee (USA)
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