Jacque's Squat, Jump & Turn

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14921)

This is very similar to another pattern I posted recently, but has a more athletic flair to it because of the squats with optional jumps and turns. One of my current favorites. It moves around the board and kicks butt!

32 counts, reversing, tap-free. Horizontal board. Assume right foot lead, side approach facing west:

* Option for the two hamcurl repeater: one hamcurl and tic-toc on top (pendulum, except it's forward-back instead of lateral).

** Options for the 3 squats:
1. Squat, side leg abductor, squat
2. Squat while turning torso slightly away from the step, second squat turn torso toward the step, third squat turn torso away from the step again. This sets you up for the jump-turn option next.
3. Squat & turn torso away from step, then squat and jump-turn 180 to face the other direction and the other foot is on the board, then squat, jump-turn 180 back to original position. This move transitions very nicely from the 2 hamcurl/walk around the end.

*** Long diagonal: begin as regular diagonal (1,2), exit with no tap -- keep walking (3,4), pivot (5,6), walk back to the board (7,8)


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