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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14922)

Combination #1

(Repeat left lead)

* Repeater back it up (right lead off left end of step) Step up with your right foot, lift your left knee (1,2) Tap the floor 3 times with your left foot while moving backwards around the corner (3,4,5) lift your left knee again (6) step down left /right (7,8). To teach this I cue "Step knee, tap, tap, tap, knee, get off" I may teach it corner to corner a few times then we will work it from the end moving the taps backward.

Combination #2

(Repeat left lead)

* Revolving door: right lead, step up, up (1,2) (facing left end of step) step down, down (3,4) (facing back of room) step up, up facing right side of room (5,6) - your left, step down, down (7,8) facing front of room again. I start by teaching this as 2 basic rights, and then I give the class the option of the revolving door.

** Overhang V-step: this is just a V-step facing the side of the room with the lead foot on the corner of the step and the other on the floor. I'll teach it as 2 regular V-steps then teach the overhang. Then cue it as "Regular V, overhang".

*** Skyjack: facing front of room. This is 2 skates on top (1,2,3,4), step down (5,6) and jack on the floor (7,8). Broken down further: step up wide with right foot with a left hamstring curl (1,2) step left foot down on top of step with a right hamstring curl (3,4) step down off the step right/left (5,6) do 1 jack (7,8). Scoop the arms with a clap on the skates. I cue "Skyjack-Scoop, scoop, down, jack". You can substitute an I-step (step up jack, step down jack)

Combination #3

Part #1

Repeat leading left for (32)

Part #2

*Skip across: (approaching step from your right side) Step up with your right foot kick your left leg forward (1,2). Put your left leg down on top of the step, kick your right leg forward (3,4). Step off the step to your right (5,6) and do 1 jack (7,8). Turn your arms like your skipping rope. (think -step kick, step kick, down and jack.)

Now reduce and blends part 1 & 2:

Repeat all leading left

Combination #4

Part #1

* Double knee walk around: this is a 2 knee repeater (1,2,3,4) step down and back and walk around to the front of the step (5,6,7,8). For fun add a turn as come around the end of the step to the front (outside shoulder turns into the step) Think- knee, knee, step back and turn it in.

Part #2

Repeat leading left for (32)

Then reduce and blend Parts 1&2:

Repeat all in other direction.

Combination #5

(Repeat left lead)

* L-turn: (leading right foot) L-step off the left end (1,2,3,4) then turnstep on the front of the step (5,6,7,8)

** Reverse hop straddle: step up with your left leg, swing your right leg behind turning your body to the right straddle the box right/left step back up on the step right/left and exit the back of the step right/left (or after you reverse hop straddle down (1,2,3,4), jump up (5) on top pop your right knee (6) up and then exit right (7,8)

*** Step stomp: to the right corner leading left leg- step up with left leg, (1) bring your right leg up and stomp (2) step down right/left (3,4) then switch to other corner. Or you can do 2 reverse V-steps.

Email me with any question.

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