Jacque's Ricochet Repeater

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14924)

32 counts, reversing, tap-free & cross-phrased. Horizontal board. Assume right foot lead:

* back hop-turn straddle, into knees around the world (16)

* Option on the repeater: ricochet over the board clockwise (for right lead -- counter clockwise for left lead) and touch left foot to floor on N side on count 3; reverse direction & ricochet back to home side and touch left foot to floor on count 5. Then the knee comes up on count 6 -- you are facing front with the left foot hovering off the west end ready to exit into the 3 count back mambo & across the top.

Hope this makes sense. Here's how I break it down:

This is the base foot work for the whole combo:
1. 3 knee repeater, exit down, down. (8)
2. March 8 on floor. (8)
3. Knees corner-corner 4 times. (16)

Then demo a subsitution for the exit down, down and 8 marches (10 counts total): after the 3rd repeater knee (6) go directly into a back mambo (3), then a basic (4) and stomp the corner (3). Follow with 4 knees traveling corner-corner (16).

Next, demo the direction off the end. An across the top replaces the basic (but the footwork is still right-left-right-left or left-right-left-right). The stomp happens on the end of the board. Helpful hint: when on the east end of the board (the right end) stomp the right leg. When on the west end (left end) stomp the left leg. Follow by exiting to home position with a knee and follow with 3 more knees traveling corner-corner. BTW, this is optional. I do have a couple of people who choose to stay with the previous version.

Last, change the knee-exit-home to a back hop-turn straddle and return home by finishing with knees around the world.

Email me with questions.


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