Stomp it up

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Starting on the right, facing the west side

Repeat with left lead.

*Stomp step: facing west, left foot stays on the home side. Lift right to stomp the step (1), left stomps home (2) lift right to stomp the north side (3), left stomps home (4) lift right to the bench (5), raise left for a knee (6) and exit home (7-8).

**Rock 'n' fly: step up right, left knee (1-2), left curl (3-4), pivot over the top (5-6), exit north side (7-8)

Next combo:

Starting right:

You end up on the east side

Repeat with left lead

*Over the top the long way (1-2-3) left knee (4), left foot on bench (5), right knee (6), right foot on floor (7), left knee (8). It's the same for the curls and the sides. Once they have that down, I do over the top, 3 alternating knees, over the top, 3 alternating curls, over the top 3 alternating side legs, over the top 3 combos.

I like these patterns because they are more than 32 counts, it takes longer to put them together, so there's less to remember to get you through a longer class! It typically takes almost 20 minutes to teach these two patterns and put them together.

Good luck!

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