Love For Valentine's Day (From Sonia)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 14948)

Here are a couple of combos that would be fun to add if you teach on Monday. They could be used for warm-up or cool-down too. Both are for the horizontal step.

**Love Combo**

Repeat left

*E-Step, left lead:
1,2) step up left abduct right
3,4) step down right, heel tap step left or small knee left
5-8) repeat 1-4 moving forward
9-12) repeat 1-4 moving forward

To add some oomph to this you can replace each heel tap with a cha cha cha keeping one foot on the step and one on the floor.

**I Love You Combo**

Repeat left

*Low impact I-step, right lead:
1,2) up right/left
3,4) out on top right/left
5,6) in on top right/left
7,8) exit step right/left
9-12) out, out, in, in on the floor right/left

**Y-step cha cha cha, left lead:
1-4) do a V-step on the floor
5,6) march back left/right
7,8) Cha cha cha left/right/left - may move forward

NOTE: If you choose to shuffle for the second O (circle in the word you) you will do 4 Cha Cha Chas (ponies/triple steps) turning away from the step on the first one, turning towards the step on the second one and third ones, and moving to the step on the last one.

If I knew how to add a little dancing heart I would do so!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Added by Sonia Lee at 5:32 PM on Saturday, February 12, 2005 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Texas (USA)
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