A Valentine For You From Sonia

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14952)

Add this to the "Love Combos" and you will have a complete class. Horizontal step, 96 count, self-reversing, tapless combo.

*V* Right, *V-slide* (4)
1,2) step up wide right/left
3,4) step down right/left at the left corner

*A* Right, *Horizontal A-step* (4)
1,2) step to the center of the step right/left
3,4) exit the step right/left at the right corner

*****Right, *Knee lift 1x* (4)

*L* Left, L-step 1x* (8)

*E* Right, *E-step* (12)..facing east
1-4) step up right, abduct left, step down left, hamcurl right
5-12) repeat 1-4 2x moving forward

*N* Right, *N-step* (12)
1-4) March back right/left/right/left or 2 Jacks back
5-8) Diagonal walk, knee on count 4
9-12) March back left/right/left/right or 2 Jacks back

*T* Left, *T-step* (8)..facing east
1-4) up and straddle down
5-8) up and exit the narrow end

*I* Left, *Vertical i-step* (16)
1-4) step up left, knee lift right, straddle down right/left
5,6) step up right/left
7-10) pony forward on top 2x (or march right/left/right/left)
11,12) straddle down right/left
13,14) step up right/left
15,16) exit right/left on the front side, still facing east - a small knee on 16 will keep it tapless

*N* Left, *N-step* (12) as above

*E* Right, *E-step* (12) as above

*****Right, *Knee lift with a 1/4 turn*, exit left/right to face step (4)

Repeat left

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Added by Sonia Lee at 12:44 PM on Sunday, February 13, 2005 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
(Email: sonia726@wildblue.net)
From: Texas (USA)
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