Kansas City Special from Carole

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14964)

Here is a 64 count step combo...afterwards..I will convert it into two 32's...

64 Count KC Special

Repeat on left lead

To convert this 64 count combo into two 32 counters...keep the first 32 counts the same for the first one...and here would be the second one...let's say you are leading right.


#1) "Up rock/down rock/shake:" facing the side wall leading left...step up with left, rock back/front on step right and left, step down with right, rock back/front on floor left and right, put left foot on step wide and shake hips 2 left right.

#2) 1/2 Revolving door: facing side wall leading left, step up left, step up right, step down on front side with left to face back, step down on front side with right, ending up facing the opposite wall as where you started.

#3) 1/2 Walking L-step to face back: leading left...step knee off the right end, take two full steps down down to face the back...ready to do the 1/2 revolving door longways.

Have fun and email me with questions!


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From: Lees Summit, Missouri (USA)
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