Jazzy Joe (Sonia's #42, I/A)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 14966)

These are for the horizontal step and are tapless, 32 count, self-reversing intermediate to advanced combos. Right or left designates the lead foot. Choreography follows.

Combo 1 (used this as part of the warm-up)

Repeat left or go to combo 2.

Note: For the warm-up I added some other moves in and then cut it down to just the 32 count. I did not use this combo again until I was ready to weave them together, and then I changed the grapevines to Slide 'n' Jacks and ran the basics.

Combo 2

Repeat left or go to combo 3.

Combo 3

Repeat left or go to combo 4.

Combo 4

Repeat left or go to combo 5.

Combo 5

Repeat left or go to combo 1.

Okay, here's the footwork:

Circle tap: (1,2) step up right and left, (3,4,5) the right toes tap the front edge of the step, the right end of the step, the floor off the back, (6) the right foot steps on top in place, (7,8) exit left and right.

Slide 'n' jack: on the floor, (1,2) step wide to the right, slide the left foot in, (3,4) 1 jumping jack.

V-slide: (1,2) up right and left in a V, (3,4) as you exit the V the right leg crosses behind the left and steps down on the floor off the left corner...left steps in place.

Hanging V: you are off the left corner on a right lead. (1,2) just do a V-step with the right foot stepping onto the corner of the step and the left foot on the floor, (3,4) step right and left together on floor.

Charleston ski: (1) step up right, (2) kick left, (3) left foot to floor, (4) lunge back right, (5,6,7,8) scissor/switch the position of the feet on the floor 4x (I start with doing just 2 and then letting them speed it up if they want).

Mambo front or back: make sure they are turning their bodies as they do this small stomp off the front or back so that it becomes a side motion rather than a step straight forward or back. As you do the stomp your foot should be parallel to the step with the toes facing east or west. Just touch down with the ball of the foot

Triple lunge, knee up!: this starts on top of the step; (1,2) right foot lunges back and taps up, (3,4) repeat 1 and 2, (5) right foot lunges back, (6) right knee lifts, (7,8) exit right/left.

Tightrope: with your right side to the step at the left corner (facing west): (1,2) step up right, small hop on top right, (3) hop onto left as right lifts to the side, (4) hop onto right as left lifts to side, (5,6) exit left and right still facing west.

Jazzy Joe: (1,2) walk diagonally on the step right and left, (3,4) walk diagonally on the floor right and left, (5) cross the right foot over the left, (6) step the left foot out to the side turning so you face the front, (7,8) triple step (cha cha cha) moving home - you will be turning toward the step.

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